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That Crazy Noby Noby Boy Minigame Song

I truly believe I’m doing the world a favor by posting this audio file. When I first found out about the minigame and heard the song I looked for a long time to find a downloadable copy. So here for you, I am providing the so called “Noby Noby Overature” in full length and in [...]

Knox Online Gamers

Found this by way of my Twitter contacts: Digitarius has started up a new site, KnoxOnlineGamers, aimed at getting Knoxville area gamers connected. Right now it’s just a phpBB forum, but I’m liking it already. Who knows what could come if it in the future.

iPhone Firmware 2.0 and iTunes 7.7 on Windows XP x64

It’s a pain in the butt to get any of it working. Go figure. You knew (should have known) that you were getting yourself into this kind of thing when you installed 64-bit XP in the first place.


I’m writing today to show you a glimpse of an indie game that has as much to offer you as almost any console game I’ve ever played (I make special exceptions for truly exceptional games, like Smash Bros). The game is Aquaria an adventure game set underwater much in the lines of Metroid with bits [...]

Portal Review

Portal came out yesterday. My initial reaction: Sweet moogly it’s a portal; I’m making portals! My opinion now that I’ve beaten the main level set: Portals should be real life and I want heel springs so I don’t take fall damage.