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I Fixed My Stuff

I noticed a while ago that my layout was all broken and stuff. The whole page was aligned to the left but I couldn’t be bothered to figure out what happened.
Apparently there was a small bug in the K2 theme that appeared when upgrading from Wordpress 2.7 to 2.7.1 but I didn’t bother to wait [...]

If you could care less about iTunes and Windows x64

As I sat awake at a late hour and grasped at reasons that I shouldn’t be sleepy I realized that there are probably a few readers (and only a few) that would rather just hear about me and what I’m doing. Out of consideration for them I have decided to abstain from posting personal content [...]

Welcome to version 2

I’ve spent the last day getting this release ready. Improvements include:

Upgraded to Wordpress 2.6 (from WP 2.2)
New theme (powered by a newer version of K2)
Many fruitless hours spent trying to get OpenID working (never did get it working)
A wide variety of posts may or not be broken

Let me know what you think or if you [...]

Naked Day 2008

Here I am celebrating another internet holiday: Naked Day. On April 9th, each year participating web sites (now including mine) remove all CSS style sheets for 24 hours. It’s a gesture to remind people to have web sites that are designed so anyone can view the content on the page, even if their browser isn’t [...]

What’s new on the site?

Well here’s a quick list:

AJAXy history scrolling. Just click the link to scroll older posts and you’ll see.
Search as you type: search the archives for a word or phrase to the right. It’s nifty!
AJAX comments. Leaving a comment just automatically adds in without reloading the page (more nifty!).
Minor theme changes. I can finally tweak things [...]