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‘Dead’ Week Workload

By the end of next week I need to have finished three programming assignments, one 2-page essay, one 6-page essay, signing a contract for an apartment for next year, turning in a lot of paperwork for scholarships next year, and have a second birth certificate issued to me. After that I can worry about finals!
I’ve [...]

Naked Day 2008

Here I am celebrating another internet holiday: Naked Day. On April 9th, each year participating web sites (now including mine) remove all CSS style sheets for 24 hours. It’s a gesture to remind people to have web sites that are designed so anyone can view the content on the page, even if their browser isn’t [...]

Happy Good People Day

Today, April 3, 2008, has been declared to be the first “Good People Day”. After talking with people online looking for a way to add more positive energy to the online community in general, Gary Vaynerchuk decided to spearhead this movement with a video:

iJon Films – Pellissippi Commercial

Jon posted this a couple of days ago, and if you know an awesome community college in your area I’m sure you can relate. I couldn’t help it. I lol’d.
iJon Films – Pellissippi Commercial