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Bleach Stencil Shirts

This was the first excuse I could find to use my new camera. I’ve been wanting to do this since I saw the tutorial article pop up on Zach did a couple, and then Evan and I got in on the fun the second time around, and since then I’ve wanted to try intentionally letting the bleach [...]


I’m writing today to show you a glimpse of an indie game that has as much to offer you as almost any console game I’ve ever played (I make special exceptions for truly exceptional games, like Smash Bros). The game is Aquaria an adventure game set underwater much in the lines of Metroid with bits [...]

Here Comes Another Bubble

It’s a catchy song on its own, but it makes some very true and rather humorous observations about the state of our economy and the internet itself. Here’s the audio if you’d like to download it: The Richter Scales – Here Comes Another Bubble.mp3 Continue reading for the video: