As a Pastime, Game Development Is Alright

A lot has happened since the last post here. I’ve graduated but am still without a job. While I work on a remedy for that I have been building a game in XNA with several other people entitled Monolith.

My career is still up in the air, but my experience with game development so far has been positive, though quite casual. I encourage you to check out our development blog for Monolith and keep an eye out for alpha releases in the future.

Sketchpad for Google Wave

Sketchpad for Google Wave

Sketchpad for Google Wave

The semester is over and my capstone project is done. Meet “Sketchpad”, a gadget for Google Wave. Sketchpad can be inserted into a Wave conversation to provide simple collaborative drawing in real time. Put simply: you can see participants drawing on the canvas stroke by stroke as they are doing it. The project is based on, and uses code from, Christopher Clay’s excellent CanvasPaint which he released to the public domain.

The project is not in a stable state but it is usable as an interesting demo in Firefox only for now. I would like to put more time into it and get it working across all browsers, not to mention plenty of other gaping issues with it.

Google Code is hosting the project at and the following link should take you straight to the official installer if you have a Google Wave account:

Sketchpad for Google Wave (alpha v2 installer)

In keeping with the requirements of my capstone class I am also posting the requirements and design documents for the project, as well as the presentation slides used for the various presentations given throughout the semester.

Hades tries to eat a pistachio

You should watch this many times both because it is cute and because I could possibly win a MacBook according to this competition. This is my house-mate’s cat, Hades. She isn’t very good at cracking open the shell, but she tries.

How We Get Crackin – Hades tries to eat a Pistacio on

That Crazy Noby Noby Boy Minigame Song

I truly believe I’m doing the world a favor by posting this audio file. When I first found out about the minigame and heard the song I looked for a long time to find a downloadable copy. So here for you, I am providing the so called “Noby Noby Overature” in full length and in ringtone size featuring my favorite part cropped down to around 30 seconds. Also, this post was really easy to do with the new media uploading features of Wordpress 2.8! Enjoy!

Noby Noby Overture

Noby Noby Ringtone

(Of course this is offically owned by Namco Bandai Games; I just want everyone to be able to put it on repeat on their iPods and such.)

I Fixed My Stuff

I noticed a while ago that my layout was all broken and stuff. The whole page was aligned to the left but I couldn’t be bothered to figure out what happened.

Apparently there was a small bug in the K2 theme that appeared when upgrading from Wordpress 2.7 to 2.7.1 but I didn’t bother to wait for the K2 site to load. I just dug into the php, figured out the problem and fixed it. From that point I switched back over to my other tab in Firefox where I had originally started loading the K2 homepage. Naturally, they had it there waiting on me months ago. Of course, my fix is the better one.

And, of course, I’ll just ignore the fact that I haven’t posted here in what… months? years?